CCNP ROUTE EIGRP comprehensive experiment

IP address planning

The IP address segment in the topology is 172.8.AB.X/24:

Where AB is the combination of two router numbers, for example, AB between R3-R6 is 36, X is the router number, for example, X=3 of R3

The network segment between BBR1/R2/R5 is 172.8.123.X/24, where X is the router number.

The network segment between R4/R5/R6 is 172.8.100.X/24, where X is the router number.

All ccnp routers have a loopback 0 interface, the address format is X.X.X.X/32, where X is the router number

Experiment 1 experiment demand

1. The R4/R5/R6 is connected to the FRSW through the FR switch. In the Hub&Spoke mode, R5 is the Hub and BBR1 is the backbone router. The Frame Relay PVC is required to be statically mapped. For details, see DLCI.

2. Each router is configured with a corresponding loopback interface. The IP address planning is specifically checked. The router interface is declared to the corresponding EIGRP process according to the experimental topology diagram. If there is no specific description, the automatic summary function is required to be disabled.

3. Perform EIGRP link verification on R2 and R3 (using MD5 for authentication). The password is SPOTO.

4. There is a loopback 1 interface IP on BBR1:,, (configure IP in the second mode), declare them to EIGRP100 and use manual summarization. On BBR1, summarize the addresses of the loopback1 interface of BBR1 and observe the routing table on R2.

5. The router in EIGRP AS 8 is required to receive this summary route of BBR1.

6. R6 is required to reach this summary route of BBR1 to achieve unequal load balancing.

7. Configure R2 and R5 so that they do not receive any EIGRP query information under the EGRIP 100 process and will not send any routing information about them to its EIGRP 100 neighbors.

8. A maximum of two static route entries is required to implement network-wide interworking.

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