How Much Does CCNP Collaboration Make?

The CCNP Collaboration or Cisco Certified Network Professional Collaboration is a certification which would be endorsed by the IT professionals who have the know-how and skill in order to set up, configure and manage local as well as wide-area networks within an enterprise. It would be involving the video, voice, wireless and advanced security issues. Since the training module and examinations for the CCNP Collaboration certification are quite rigorous, companies prefer to have CCNP certified professionals on their teams so as to use their expertise. Ensuring smooth functioning of network systems is considered to be a necessity for any company, and CCNP Collaboration professionals are aptly qualified to handle small and large networks.

This certification lets companies rest easy, knowing they have gained the right person for the job. Gaining a CCNP Collaboration certification is too much difficult task and you cannot just walk in and decide to take the exam. It takes lots of practices of days and months, to just gain it. Also, it needs a good training provider, like the SPOTO, which could provide you the best training, 

CCNP Collaboration Salary:

The salary for a CCNP Collaboration certified professional would be starting from about $41,022 as per the latest figures by which are provided by the Payscale and it ranges up to a whopping $133,590 as seniority of position is going to increase. Those with a minimum one year of experience would draw salaries on par with average figures while those who are having less than one year of experience they could garner a salary which is a tad below the average. Needless to say, that the salary offered increases as the years of job experience go higher.  It is also very likely that the nature of projects could be handled by the candidate and could be a decisive factor with regards to the amount of salary paid.

CCNP Jobs:

The job titles that are commonly associated with CCNP are Network Administrator and Network Engineer which could be achieved as an entry-level position. Mid and senior level job titles which would be included Senior Systems Engineer- Computer Networking and IT, Senior Network Engineer,  IT Manager, IT Director and Network Architect. The positions of Network Architect and IT Director are high-level titles in the CCNP hierarchy and come with a massive six-figure salary depending, on the candidate profile. Many CCNP certified individuals working as IT Managers who are also drawing a six-figure salary.

In city-wise rankings, San Jose scores the first position and loosens its purse strings generously for CCNP professionals. As evident from the statistics; this city has the highest median salary for a CCNP certification holder, followed by Washington DC, Atlanta Chicago, New York, and Austin.

There has been no discrepancy which was observed between the wages that would be drawn by female and male CCNP professionals in spite of there being a significantly higher number of male employees.


CCNP professionals are available in healthcare, financial services, information technology services,Telecommunications, IT Consulting and Network and Communication Services, and lots more. 

CCNP professionals are also often employed by federal, state and non-profit organizations. As per the survey was done by the pay scale, those working on a freelance or contract basis are going to earn a median salary on par with permanent employees.

So are you interested in gaining this certification, I would say that you could check out the courses offered by the SPOTO. It is considered to be one of the best training providers for all the courses related to Cisco. They even give you a passing guarantee, which could again ensure your success.

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